blockages- what are the causes

Blockages what are the causes?

Blockages can affect you in various ways: emotionally, mentally, sexually, energetically, spiritually, financially and of course within your relationships with others around you.


Krishnamurti, the great Indian philosopher from last century, said: ‘It is not healthy to be well adapted to a profoundly dysfunctional society.’

What did he mean by that?


If we really look closely at our loved ones, and at our surrounding environment what do we see?


I actually see the destruction of nature, abuses, wars, diseases, manipulation and problems of all kinds. We have completely lost the union between people, companies and nations. Each one (person/company/nation) seeks the best for himself/herself/itself. These are patterns that repeat themselves on an individual as well as global level. At the root of all these problems are our internal blockages that condition us, manipulate us from within and eventually create diseases of all kinds. These blockages do not let light, joy, wellbeing, health and peace into our being and so into the world.


Tell me really, what blockages do you have, or what do you think, how do you feel in your body, in your skin, with your sexuality, with intimate and close relationships, with money, with your work, or with respect to a country less developed than your own?


Until I was 30 years old, I lived in total ignorance, only thinking about spontaneous pleasures, until one day I started meditating and educating myself in psychotherapy, all as a result of my search for healing of my illnesses. To this day (53 years old) the walls of ignorance are melting before my eyes, just as you see in the Russian ‘Matryoshka’ toys. Within each toy is another smaller toy and so on continuously until one day reaching the essence of the Inner/Higher Self (reflected/commented in the previous blog).


Behind these walls of ignorance there are blockages of all kinds (emotional, mental, sexual, energetic…) and most of them are unconscious. We act from a rational and intellectual knowledge standpoint unaware of the resistances, blockages, conditioned behaviors, etc… that are directing our life. It is really very sad to know that we are living out of a sense of darkness. And worse, there are people in power (families, companies, governments) who act from that point of view. That is why it is so important to know, heal, release, and transform all these blockages within ourselves in order to enjoy a healthy, whole, loving and powerful society.


How to solve the blockages?

First of all, we must understand the psyche of the human being. It is a great ocean and it all depends on what level you like to delve into it. 

To start with we could say: read books, educate yourself on these topics, sign up for workshops or trainings in theater, dance, art, psychotherapy, meditation, yoga, change your diet, or your environment, etc. It is important to start and keep looking until you find your method, your teacher, your path. At some point, you have to stop the ‘bee’ attitude that goes from flower to flower or from workshop to workshop of different methods. 

The healing and transformation of deeper blockages (sub and unconscious) are linked to finding ‘that guide’ who has made this path before and who is reflected in right actions, right words, and right presence. Once this guide has been found, then we open ourselves to the deep where the polarities of darkness and light lie. The more we grow in the radiant light of confidence, self-esteem, strength, and integrity, the more we can step into the darkness and see/heal/transform those deeper wounds that hurt so much. I personally continue to grow on this path day by day. It is a long, beautiful and sometimes seemingly eternal road. So please never give up looking, because every day we can grow a little more in the light. 


The deepest blockages are resolved when we reconnect with our spiritual source, the eternal sun. I am referring to this shining splendor in the eyes, the skin, the actions, the enlightenment, the true purpose in life to know oneself. Mostly these traits are seen in newborns or in certain masters: radiating purity, innocence and beauty. 


Which path or which master has helped you in your life so far? Have you drunk from different sources? What have you learned so far and how is this change reflected in your attitude? 


Why do we have blockages?

This question is profound because there is no quick or simple answer. The key is to understand that human beings are more than their physicality, that they have lived more lifetimes and that we have knowledge and wisdom of the beyond. Once we have experienced that beyond or have drunk a little of that divine nectar, reality and knowledge changes radically. From this new perspective the blockages are understood in another way, more subtle, more true, more complex and mysterious at the same time. As Dante captured in the title of his book Divine Comedy: In the end it is all a comedy and we are all actors and actresses to certain degrees! What is the end of this comedy? It is all very complex and I ask you to have an open mind with this inner/spiritual world. 


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