Body Mind & Inner Space

Body Mind and Inner Space

What is the BodyMindInnerSpace?

The human being is a vast universe. It is not only a body. Human consciousness is infinite: it contains endless subtle dimensions. Just as our airspace has multiple currents and densities depending on the atmospheric altitude, the human being in his depth also harbors similar currents and densities within himself. Over time/years these create a variety of sub-personalities (masks) in people. Society today is  fragmented at high levels which is reflected in all manner of neuroses, diseases, addictions, etc. From there, superficiality rules, there is no union between mind and body, instead there is separation, creating all sorts of blockages, unhealthy patterns and illnesses. 

The inner work in depth (introspection, therapy, meditation…) is to return to the union of body and mind. In the depth of the human psyche inner space there is no separation: neither between body and mind, or between human and spirit. To grow in this intimate space is a most valuable gift to give oneself, to return to a pure state. Everybody has this inner space and what is often missing for people who do not yet know about their sacred tools, is a professional guide who has had first hand knowledge of this subtle space and so is an invaluable guide on the path to return to the pure state. 

How is the process of uniting BodyMindInnerSpace?

When you close your eyes and focus your observation on the inner space between your eyebrows, it opens little by little. It is a deep, dark space that appears with time and patience, and which harbors forms, shapes, images, memories, visions, and above all a wide range of states of Being. That is to say, with the inner contemplation of this space, patience, calm, knowledge, peace, understanding, empathy, love, gratitude are all cultivated and integrated little by little: a whole series of new qualities, all part of the Self, become accessible: they were always there, inside you, waiting to be rescued from underneath all those sub-personalities in which we become entangled by not attending to these innate, buried qualities. 

The process is to go inside. To feel in every cell of your Being these subtleties that no matter how much you are told or understand from the intellect, until you observe them, feel them, vibrate with them, they are not integrated and “lived”. When you live this “going inside” you resonate with the subtleties in your daily life. 

This process is going to the source, it is going back to the origin, it is reconnecting with your inner child with its purity, joy and spontaneity. Instead of looking outside with the analytical and intellectual mind, it is about venturing within. It is like going back to school, and this time it is learning to feel and reconnect with the different states of being. 

We have not received an education about this state, but rather we have been taught to think, to rationalize, and in this sense we have forgotten how to “simply” feel the innocence and purity of the Self. Now, after so many years, we want to return to these qualities that lie deep within the inner space of each person.

In this process of venturing inward there are ups and downs, defense mechanisms kick in along the way that one’s self has created throughout one’s life and lives. These defense mechanisms “protect” us from pain and suffering. They really condition us, creating a fragmentation of our personality.  I myself have gone through this process of feeling like pieces of a puzzle without the fullness of the external picture. I have found my way to union and wholeness. 

Why do you want to know about the BodyMindInnerSpace?

In every human being lie forces and energies both subtle and potent. That is, everything that becomes more subtle (through third eye meditation for example), becomes more potent. True strength, confidence and peace lie in the subtle, in this inner space. Awakening consciousness, or rather: going towards more subtle states of consciousness, brings you a new knowledge, a new language and above all, a true sense of well-being on multiple levels. Knowing your inner space that unites body and mind is a path from illness to health, from ignorance to wisdom, from sadness to happiness, from fragmentation to union/fullness, from the role of victim to victory. And as I have said before: it is the direct experience of these inner qualities that brings true transformation, not the intellect. 

If you want to know yourself on a deeper level, or wish to heal your emotional wounds, mental blocks or psychosomatic illnesses, this path unfolds before you, like a red carpet, welcoming you with love and respect, ready to be walked and explored. You become an actor/actress instead of a spectator. 

I leave you with a poetic phrase from the mystic Rumi: “What you seek is seeking you”. Your essence wants to return to union and now is the right time. Not tomorrow or the day after. Now!

What would be your next step in uniting BodyMindInnerSpace?

One step would be to subscribe to my website to receive full information on my in-person meditation retreats, online guided classes and upcoming lectures. It would be my pleasure to meet you in person.

A further step for people who feel a connection with this inner space work and would like to go deeper in a personalized way, are the individual sessions I offer online. These sessions are focused on personal issues. As I said before, each person is a universe and ‘what is looking for you’ knows exactly what to show you or what to teach you in this inward process. One session can change your life.

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