Online Couple Therapy

Improve and strengthen your relationship with online therapy

Relationships are complex and need dedication and care to keep the magic alive, so that two people want to stay together.

On many occasions, couples cannot resolve or manage their problems. This is when therapy and coaching can provide a solid foundation to encourage growth and maturity within the relationship.

Essential aspects in the development of a meaningful life together is willingness and good communication in the relationship.  The goal with online therapy is to develop and nurture these fundamental traits. 

Do you have aspects of your relationship you know need addressing?  


Therapist specialized in Couple Therapy

HI, my name is Alex Kroll. I am a Therapist and Spiritual Life Trainer with a Master degree in Sexuality and Couple Therapy.

During the past 22 years, I have broadened my professional expertise combining spiritual and scientific based approaches. Through this I have developed a deeper understanding of all the aspects making up the human psyche and behavioral patterns. Applying this knowledge I am now able to help individuals form healthier romantic relationships.

Learning to see relationships from a deeper perspective and from various angles allows for growth into a more mature partnership.

Do you want to start strengthening your relationship?

Flor Alex Kroll

How couple therapy can help

Do you think that your relationship can improve but you don’t know where to start? 

An effective relationship requires practice and work on a day to day basis. This practice and effort will be rewarded with a stronger and healthier relationship.

This online couple therapy will help you to:

Improve communication with your partner

Enthusiasm and communication in your relationship are essential for the development of a meaningful life together and this is something that we learn to manage during therapy.

Understand and respect each other

Comprehension and desire to know the other in depth, to acknowledge each other fully and learn together.  

Create a common future

In understanding the other including their flaws and virtues, we are capable of creating an enduring relationship with a deeper emotional connection.

Learn to manage problems

Good communication allows us to face conflicts that arise in day to day life in a more effective way.

Is it time for couple therapy?

You just read about the importance of communication and enthusiasm in a strong relationship. If those pillars fall, it will greatly impact the health of your relationship, and will decrease your mental, emotional, sexual, and intimacy levels.

Do you resonate with any of these comments?

  • I want to be happier with my partner. Sometimes we realize that our relationship is suffering and we need help to break through the barriers, and keep moving forward.
  • I know I need to improve my communication skills. Listening, asking good questions and giving space are all essential to grow into a deeper connection.
  • I want to learn to appreciate simple pleasures. Daily life, along with stress, can cause us to forget to enjoy the small details and moments that make up a day, this can wear down a relationship.

If you resonate with any of these, please reach out to me and together we will develop a personal plan to help you to live a more meaningful relationship.

¿What do we need to start online couple therapy?

The objective is to upgrade your relationship and for this, its essential for both parties to be: 

  • Complicit and open to new ideas and eager to apply them.
  • To dedicate time and energy to the process of growth.

If you both agree to the above conditions, you have arrived at the right place. You will be treated with respect, professionalism, wisdom, love and care.

Frequently asked questions

How do I start therapy with you?

Very simple. You only need to contact me and we will develop a step by step plan.

How much does it cost?

150 euros for 1 hour session, and 200 euros for 1.5 hours.  

Please, see these payments as an investment into your wellbeing and establishing a more mature relationship.

How many Couple Therapy sessions are necessary?

To really get the most out of the couple therapy,  between 8 and 12 sessions are strongly advisable.

Invest in your relationship, the best gift to each other.

Online couple therapy will generate a deeper understand of couple dynamics and will encourage you to grow as an individual, which is vital to creating a better emotional connection with your partner.

I welcome you to have an open mind that allows you to grow and advance on this path so that you can leave behind mental blocks and learn to overcome difficulties.

Do you want to start this journey towards becoming happier with your partner?