Guided Group Meditation: The Key to Wellbeing

Experience the power of group meditation

Group therapy works mostly on the past while group coaching centers much on the future. Group meditation focuses on the present moment and raises the voltage of consciousness of being more you.

In my weekly online trainings we integrate all these three pillars in order to heal the past, have a better focus for the future and living a more connected and happily life in the here and now.

Do you want to start experiencing your life at a more authentic level?
Would you like to feel wellbeing in your depth of your body and mind?
Would you like to establish deeper connections with certain people and friends? 

My work as a guide/therapist/coach is to help you to reconnect with your essential spiritual qualities and getting to know all your dimensions that make up your Being.

We are going to apply the third eye meditation space to facilitate direct experiences for each participants in the weekly trainings. These experiences can be very powerful and subtle at the same time bringing real change to life.

Are you ready for it?


Therapist, Trainer, Coach, Sexologist and Meditation Guide

Alex Kroll

First, I would like to welcome you. I am a Therapist and Spiritual Life Trainer with a Master’s degree in Sexuality and Couples Therapy.

For the last 20 years, I have dedicated myself to deepening my awareness into the human body, mind and soul. I have learned to use scientific based approaches and integrating them with spiritual healing modalities. All these profound healing experiences have given me a deeper understanding why people and society are so fragmented, neurotic and ill.  

Now I want to share this knowledge with you, so that you can live a more meaningful and healthier life. And a powerful way to do this is through guided weekly group meditation as it helps us share our life experiences and makes us grow as people.

Flor Alex Kroll

These are the benefits of weekly guided group trainings

Emotional and mental wellbeing are some qualities that you will achieve through the weekly trainings. And here are some other benefits you will experience on the path:


Achieve greater mental clarity.
Something that allows you to experience a new mental and spiritual openness that will help to confront situations from another perspective
Generate more vital energy
Through this you will be able to live your life with more joy, concentration and focus.
Experience new states of being

You will get to know a new way of being in the world and be more conscious of it.

Reduce levels of stress and anxiety

These disorders accompany us in our day to day lives and generate illnesses, which means it’s very important to free ourselves from them.

Increase your ability to be present and experience the here and now.

This will allow you to live your life more holistically.

As you can see, all these benefits allow you to face life in a way that is clearer and centered so that you can make the most of it.

These trainings are for you if

Still not sure if group guided meditation is for you?
Well, I encourage you to see if you identify with one of these situations.

  • You want to be more authentic, more present, more yourself.
  • You need more mental clarity to make important decisions.
  • You often procrastinate and you need to have more self control to finish tasks.
  • You’re looking to reduce stress and anxiety caused by your job.
  • You want to live day to day with more fullness and tranquility.
  • You find it difficult to have real and fruitful relationships.

I want you to see that group practices always have benefits. But we have to face them with a mind open to change and improvement, only in this way will we reach the personal growth we are searching for.

Group Practice Programs

To better understand how guided group meditation works, I invite you to participate in one of my trainings.

We are preparing our first group training in English. Here you can see our Spanish editions.

Courses available in Spanish

Online Course

Reconnect with your Inner Temple

Do you want to understand yourself and your problems that affect you at a deeper level of your being?
Do you want to grow more spiritually?

This course is about providing you with deep spiritual experiences. It’s all about having an experience centered in deeply understanding the most profound parts of your essence so that you can have a complete understanding of yourself.

How do we achieve this? Applying a combination of tools like third eye meditation, psychology, yoga, coaching and inner space.

You are going to learn to open your mind and understand yourself better to live a more fulfilling life.


30 hours of recorded theoretical-practical content


99 Euros

Do you feel like you live your life on autopilot? Do you need help to learn to be more conscious in your daily activities?

Well this training is the best solution for you. 

You will learn to use your energy centers (Heart, Belly and Third Eye) in order to live your life with more presence.

In this way you will experience more subtler states of consciousness and understand the power that lies deep within you. 

Something that can help you to make better decisions while increasing your wellness and happiness.

What are you waiting for?


25 hours of recorded theoretical-practical content


99 Euros

Bonus: extras that come with these trainings

When you complete a training with me, you always have access to the following extra benefits:

  • Personal assessment and follow-ups. I am going to help you achieve your objectives during all the sessions that form a part of your training.
  • Video recordings. Videos from all of the sessions are recorded so that you can watch them and repeat all the practices whenever you wish.
  • Resolve all question. Throughout the sessions I will resolve all the questions you have and you will also learn from the questions of your fellow participants.
  • Life long access. All of the content from the trainings. The process of self knowledge never ends and because of this you will always have access to the content from these training sessions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Maybe you’re asking yourself one of the following questions right now.

Is this workshop for me?

Every single one of these training/ course group workshops will provide you with benefits that will help you better understand yourself and live your life more mindfully.

So that you can better understand the advantages of each of them, I invite you to look at what they contain. Take your time, understand everything they can do for you, and if you have any questions, ask me and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

How do I sign up?

Very simple. You only need to choose the course that best fits your needs and purchase it.

A few days before you start, you will have all the relevant information about the live sessions and where to complete them in your email.
Also, if you have any doubts about which is the best training option for you, just consult with me about it and I will guide you in the decision making process.

Live a meaningful life thanks to group guided meditation

The first step towards wellbeing is to leave behind limitations, stress, and other problems. We can achieve this if we open our minds and experience  all the parts that make up our self.

Group guided meditation will help you to achieve this. It also allows you to do it along with other students that provide support, testimonies and everything necessary to grow as a person.

Sign up and feel the change.