Alex Kroll - Motivational Speaker

Inspirational speaker for inner wellbeing

Lecture topics

Stress management

Life energy management

Personal transformation.

Self-esteem, health, mental and emotional well-being.

Chronic pain, depression, psychosomatic illnesses.

Mindfulness, meditation, inner peace

What can you expect from Alex Kroll as a speaker?

*Alex is a motivational and a dynamic speaker who captures his audience’s attention and conveys a clear and concise message in either corporate or private settings.

*Alex is a specific subject matter expert. He has a thorough knowledge of all topics he speaks about.

*He is a multilingual professional, punctual, reliable and always delivers.


Alex Kroll

*Alex’s values: Mental wellbeing. Emotional and social intelligence. Knowledge sharing. Joy and playfulness. Simplicity of being, doing and living.

*Alex’s vision is to accompany other people in the process of finding peace of mind within themselves. Peace in the world can only be achieved once inner peace of mind is accomplished internally and then lived externally. His vision is to unite people.

* Alex’s mission statement: “The happier people are, the healthier the environment, the productivity and the future of society as a whole”.

Where has Alex Kroll collaborated as an inspirational speaker?

Alex has spoken at companies and educational seminars/retreats in English, Spanish and German. His joyful and enthusiastic style is contagious as you can read in the testimonies.

conferencia- motivacional-en -deezer

Jeronimo Folgueira, CEO at Deezer, Paris:

“The conference and Alex’s practices brought our employees at Deezer closer together and created more empathy between them. He inspired our team members to have a more balanced life where well-being and happiness come first in order to be more productive and professional in our corporate environment. Alex Kroll is a speaker who touches the heart and demonstrates an understanding of the feelings of teams within the dynamics of the workspace. He is so valuable to have him around to highlight our employees aspects that may not be felt or appreciated and areas for improvement.”

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