Silent meditation retreat in Valencia/Spain

Reconnect with your inner most spiritual qualities

Welcome to a another profound silent meditation retreat to generate more peace and clarity of mind, more vitality and vision for a joyful life. 

My third eye/heart meditation retreats (90% silent) are designed to recharge your spirit.

It is a unique and intimate experience, helping you to go deeper into more subtle realms of awareness.

The retreat begins on the afternoon of 16th of September 2023 and ends at noon on 23rd of September.

We will be in silence for 5 days which will increase the depth and experiences of your third eye, your heart and your spiritual axis. You will feel the power of silence throughout the group and within yourself, allowing you to reconnect with the wisdom that is within you.


Third Eye and Inner Alchemy of the Heart Meditation Retreat

I'm Alex Kroll, your guide and meditation teacher for this retreat.


It would be my pleasure to meet you in person and to accompany you on the journey into your inner self, where infinite spiritual and metaphysical experiences lie.

My work is focused on helping you to open your mind and heart, to experience the greater, beautiful, most authentic part of yourself.

Thanks to the last 20 years of merging academic studies with spiritual practices, being a guide for your evolution as a human being is a great honour.

Where and When

From Saturday 16th of September 2023 at 4pm to Saturday 23rd of September 2023 after lunch.

Place: Casa Betania , Valencia, Spain

What kind of activities are there

Two meditation sessions x 3 hours each, 8am until 11 am, and 3pm until 6 pm.

Option available for private meeting with me to clarify any questions you may have.

Evenings from 8pm to 9pm either star gazing or candle gazing from the third eye.

Every day you will have free time to contemplate nature, to reconnect with the stars, to write, to reflect…

In the breaks there will be enough time to stretch your body and use conscious breathing.

This retreat has limited places
so book as soon as possible. The retreat centre is exclusively reserved for our party.

Flor Alex Kroll


Arrival day 16 September 2023

From 4 to 6pm, check in and settle into your room.

From 6 to 7 pm you can enjoy the surroundings or take a walk in the garden.

From 7 to 8pm a delicious dinner awaits you in the garden or in the dining room.

From 8 to 9.30pm, introduction to the practices and the structure of the retreat.

Daily Programme

From 8 to 11am, third eye heart meditation.

From 11 to 12pm,  free time to integrate your experience, walk in the nature, contemplate the sea view, take a shower, stretch your body, etc…

From 12 to 1pm, a delicious vegetarian meal.

From 1 to 2pm, options for individual/private meeting with me.

From 2 to 3pm, rest and relaxation.

From 3 to 6pm, third eye heart meditation.

From 6 to 7pm, free time to integrate your experience, walk in nature, contemplate the sea view, take a shower, stretch your body, etc…

From 7 to 8pm, another delicious vegetarian dinner.

Evening practices, candle or star gazing.

The complete silence starts on the 17th of September and ends on the 22nd of September at noon.


  • Arrival on 16th of September 2023 at 4pm
  • Departure 23rd of September 2023 after lunch.

Please bring

  • A personal blanket and meditation cushion for your meditation.
  • A notebook, two pens, some coloured pencils for drawing if you like.
  • Several pair of thick socks.


The price includes all meals, accommodation, sessions and practices

690 euros for a large shared room for 8 people (women only)
870 euros for a shared double room
1250 euros for a single room

All single beds

Special Considerations

  • Not eligible:
  • Smokers, anyone taking medication, anyone with past psychotic, epileptic or bipolar episodes in life, anyone using drugs within the last 5 years.

It is recommended not to use phone/computer/tablet during the retreat. There is an emergency phone number that you can leave with family members. 

The accommodation

The accommodation will be in Casa Betania, a rural house in the privileged surroundings of the Sierra Calderona Natural Park, close to Valencia and at the same time far away from the noise and the busy life of the city.

Large terrace to enjoy the light and the views of the sea and the Mola de Segart.
A dining room with capacity for 85 diners.
Professional and homemade cuisine with fresh seasonal food served all year round.
Some single rooms with full bathrooms, bright and with spectacular views.
Double rooms with private bathroom and beautiful views.

The food

The food is delicious and home-cooked in the on-site kitchen. Our chef is already looking forward to bringing you the best.

The menu will be 100% vegetarian. Anyone with any intolerances or allergies should let us know on the registration form.

An important part of the training will be that we will eat 2 meals a day, so that we can practice intermittent fasting.

However, no one will be forced to do anything, and food will always be available in the kitchen for those who need it.

During the morning and during the day we will have fruit, hot water and herbal teas for short breaks.

Meal times will be from 12:00 to 13:00 and from 19:00 to 20:00. We will eat in silence during meals to increase our presence in the here and now and to enjoy the food in a truer way.

How to book

  • Leave your phone number, email and fill in this form.
  • Write to Alex telling him about your purpose for this retreat, a summary of your health history, your expectations of the retreat and any information you feel is important.
  • Once Alex has replied and given you the OK, you can make your booking and payment.


Once Alex has reviewed your email with all the information and has given you the OK, he will send you a link where you can make full payment for the event.

Cancellation policy and health measures

1. Payment:

1.1. To secure a place on the residential retreat with Alex Kroll, full payment (in Euros) of 100% is required along with a booking form.

2. Cancellation policy:

2.1. Should any attendee have an inconvenience in attending and request a refund, we will try to provide a solution by filling the vacancy with another attendee if this is possible. If this is not possible, we will take the following steps: in case of cancellation; if cancelled 90 days or more prior to the start date of the retreat, we will refund 95% of the amount paid.

2.2. If cancelled 30 days or more before the start date, we will refund 50% of the amount paid.

2.3. And if cancelled less than 30 days before the start date, no refund will be made, unless we are able to fill the place with another person. Every effort will be made to do so, as we will create a waiting list.

2.4. If you test positive for covid a few days before or at the event, your payment will be saved for future Alex Kroll events, so that you can enjoy it in the future.

Sanitary measures: due to the current social and sanitary conditions, and for the peace of mind of all the participants who attend the event, the sanitary measures of the moment will be followed. Likewise, once we arrive at the venue, all participants will be tested for antigens in order to rule out possible positive cases. We recommend participants to take a Covid test a few hours before the trip.

We have not been able to validate your subscription.
Thank you for your interest in the Silent Retreat with Alex Kroll.

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