Third Eye Inner Space Therapy

What is the third eye inner space?

The third eye inner space is inherent in all human beings. It is an inner space of awareness that begins in the space between your eyebrows. When you close your eyes, you may see darkness, or light areas or a combination of colours or movements.

This inner space is far more awake and open in babies and young children, hence their emotional intelligence is much higher than adults. The inner space is the place of wellbeing, of great health and endless joy. It is the dimension of pure wisdom, enhanced mental clarity and the place of understanding the wheel of birth and death.

Unfortunately, over the years through conditioning by societies, religion, families, education, and also through trauma and abuse, people have lost their sense of this inner space and in many cases all kinds of addiction and neurotic behaviours have developed.

By working on cultivating the inner space in a step by step therapeutic process, you can return from suffering to health, from ignorance to wisdom, from smallness to fullness, from a state of dissociation to wholeness and so forth.


Therapist, Sexologist and Third Eye Meditation Teacher

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Hi, my name is Alex Kroll. I am a Therapist with a Master degree in Sexuality and Couple Therapy.

During the past 20 years, I have broadened my professional expertise combining spiritual and scientific based approaches to healing. Through this I have developed a deeper understanding of all aspects making up the human psyche and today I am delighted to have the opportunity to share this knowledge with you.

I look forward to guiding you on your path to healing and self knowledge.

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What are the benefits of working on the third eye inner space?

The third eye inner space has countless benefits which are revealed through direct experience.
Its primary work is in re-connecting you with your emotional, mental, sexual, spiritual and physical well-being:

  • You will deeply relax both your mind and body
  • You will generate vitality and well-being
  • You will gain greater mental clarity and feel at peace
  • You will increase your levels of concentration and focus
  • You will live with more confidence, trust and self-esteem
  • You will reduce your levels of stress, anxiety and mental disarray
  • You will purify reactive emotions in your heart, body and mind
  • You will learn how to meditate and tap into your inner resources
  • You will reconnect with your inner voice of wisdom and intuition
  • You will heal old and hidden emotional wounds
  • You will mature as a person whilst re-igniting your inner child’s qualities
  • You will become empathetic and less reactive around people and situations

These are but a few of the qualities, states of awareness and forces of consciousness ready for you to awaken in your own personal inner space.

Flor Alex Kroll

Who developed the therapeutic third eye inner space techniques?

The Inner Space Techniques (IST) were created and developed over a period of 20 years by Dr. Samuel Sagan and his multidisciplinary team of physicians, psychologists and therapists.

Samuel Sagan, an author of more than 15 books, medical doctor and spiritual teacher is the founder of the international meditation school Clairvision based in Sydney, Australia, and San Francisco, California. On the website of the Clairvision School you can find all the additional information, links to books and courses.

See what people say about working with me

David Pérez Domínguez
David Pérez Domínguez
Mi nombre es David Pérez y llevo meditando unos meses con Alex Kroll como guía. Lo conocí hace años en un retiro y después de años probando distintos caminos decidí profundizar en sus enseñanzas de aquí en adelante para toda la vida, pués la meditacion del 3er Ojo es una vivencia que cuando está incorporada a los hábitos diarios se convierte en pura medicina que te da la fuerza para afrontar las demás tareas de la vida con más energía, calma, humor, paz… Mientras todas estas cualidades se van acrecentando las nuevas percepciones van incorporandose a la vida, haciendo que cada dia sea una gran sorpresa. Recomiendo este método a todo el mundo y al maestro Alex, una persona experimentada, atenta, divertida, amable, cariñoso y más, que te ayudará a guiarte en tus luces y sobretodo tu sombras. No hay más que conocerlo o ver algún video suyo para darse cuenta de su autenticidad! Una enseñanza fundamental y libre de dogmas, para todos los públicos!!! Siente por ti mismo, experimenta por ti mismo, vívelo por ti mismo!!! Práctica, paciencia y perseverancia!!! Esa es la CLAVE!!! Mil gracias Alex!!! Gracias por toda tu labor y sobretodo tu gran paciencia!!! Un cálido abrazo
Natalia Millán Acevedo
Natalia Millán Acevedo
Alex es es ser con mucha luz y su aportación siempre es importante en el camino de la auto sanación y la conexión con el ser. Gracias Alex
Nidia Perez
Nidia Perez
Gracias Alex por todos los que me ah enseñado eres un gran mentor un grande mea enseñado a crer en mi aver confianza en los demas Gracias
María del Carmen
María del Carmen
Hice el curso de meditación del tercer ojo: es un descubrimiento maravilloso en mi vida, que me ayuda a conectar con las cualidades de mi Ser. Alex es un guía amoroso, comprensivo y alegre, que sostiene el espacio para profundizar con confianza, tanto a principiantes como a los que no lo son. Muchas gracias Álex por tu entrega y sabiduría 🙏✨💖
Fiorela Giraldo
Fiorela Giraldo
Alex posee una infinita amabilidad y claridad. El amor lo sostiene a través de las prácticas que imparte y él lo demuestra con su ejemplo. Gracias eternas 💜💫
Karla Monay
Karla Monay
Tengo algunos meses con la practica del tercer ojo con Alex Kroll; antes de decirte mi experiencia te dire lo siguiente NO TE DETENGAS POR NADA Y NO TENGAS MIEDO EN NINGUN MOMENTO, practica y pactica y sigue practicando aun en los momento en que digas ; bueno que , esto no me funciona me fastidious no siento nada o senti y luego ya nada. Ohh en verdad te digo es maravilloso como trabaja nuestra conexion con otros mundos, lenta, segura y lo mas bello al ritmo al que tu ser interno esta preparado!! Aqui mi experiencia : Creatividad incrementada, conexion con la naturaleza, viaje Astral increible, me importa lo importante, veo belleza y grandeza en todo y en todos! Te dire mi mas reciente experiencia; estaba entrando en practica y me fastidie apago audio, respiro me giro a la derecha y a dormir; antes de salir de la practica mis manos se unieron se elevaron haciendo giros movimiento como egipcios, nunca abri mis ojos lo recuerdo bien y acto seguido vi la jungla cara de rostros africanos y la jungla, mi animal de poder vivo me soplo la cabeza , me recorrio el cuerpo de cabeza a pies senti su aire, su soplo y se fue, en un segundo senti miedo de inmedioato no; esto duro a mi parecer.algunos minutos fue algo extraordinario y grandioso: moraleja, conexion reining animal, fuerza, empoderamiento y valor!Valor!! Los animo a la practica , abrazo!! 🙏🙏
María Isabel Sánchez
María Isabel Sánchez
Buenas tardes conocer a Alex es maravilloso , una persona hermosa , que sobre todo quiere ayudar a los demás con sus bloqueos , traumas , ansiedades ,etc . A mi me a hecho mucho bien estoy en camino lo intento y eso es importante . Cambios : más alegre , rio más , siento más conectada con todo , más energía . Muchas gracias Alex !!! Es hermoso lo que haces , les deseo felicidad .
Noelia Silva
Noelia Silva
Gracias maestro por compartitnos tus sabidurías! Desde que empecé a realizar el proceso del desarrollo del tercer ojo soy una persona más conciente e intuitiva, y lo mejor de todo que son enseñanzas que das para ejercerlas durante toda la vida. Elijo seguir enfrentandome con bloqueos para mí crecimiento espiritual emocional y mental gracias a ti Alex 🌟


What happens during the third eye inner space sessions?

You simply lie down comfortably on a sofa or bed, close your eyes and be guided by my voice and energy. I help you to relax, to let go of any expectations and to open to new beneficial experiences.

During the sessions, I will ask you open-ended questions in order to explore certain topics that are important to you. The horizontal position is a posture of letting go and trusting the process. In doing so, the third eye inner space will gradually open revealing to you what it is you need to see, to feel and to understand from a deeper state of mind. Healing takes on a new dimension.

Frequent quetions

You can practise the third eye inner space on your own, of course. I highly recommend you to have a daily practice at home. The third eye inner space is like a muscle, the more you activate and train it, the more it grows and facilitates inner qualities of well-being. However, be aware that human beings have defence mechanisms and have created armours and conditioned behaviour to fit into their environment. The deeper issues can only be resolved with assistance from another person, ideally a professional holding a certain space of care, trust and openness.

People who suffer from mental diseases such as schizophrenia or have psychotic episodes are better off with clinical health professionals.

Also people who are heavily medicated or have cancer are better off working with specialised therapists and doctors in these fields. Pregnant women and children can receive third eye inner space sessions, but only from practitioners who have completed sufficient academic and spiritual training over a period of 10 years.

The third eye inner space sessions can be conducted either Online or in-person.

The third eye inner space works profoundly from a distance and for some people Online is the more convenient option due to time constraints or due to living in another country. Other people prefer an in-person session and direct interaction with me.

I love both approaches and I invite you to see and experience for yourself.

This depends on the gravity of your problem and your desire to heal and get to know yourself on a deeper level.

I always recommend booking 5 to 10 private sessions in the beginning.  This will give you first hand experience of the depth this therapeutic methodology brings forward. Following these initial sessions, you will see and experience for yourself the power of this inner subtle work. In general, the sessions are weekly or fortnightly over the planned time period.

This depends on the length of the private sessions and how much you are willing to invest into your well-being. Prices are:

  • 1 hour 100 euros,
  • 1.5 hours 150 euros
  • 2 hours 200 euros,

All depending on your needs. Bear in mind that the investment you make is for your own mental health and emotional well-being. Your soul will be forever grateful for it.

I invite you to listen to clients experiences

Learn to reconnect with your potential step by step

I will be here to help, support and guide you. Together we will advance on this path of healing and self-knowledge allowing you to grow into a more authentic person and step into your own peaceful and joyful inner nature.

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