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What are your deepest fears?

We all have fears that at first glance are not obvious, but in this article I will tell you a little about the deepest fears we all have.

  • to die alone 
  • to die in pain
  • to be lonely
  • to have a boring routine 
  • to lose your way in life
  • to lose beloved ones
  • to live continuously with depression/sadness or grief
  • to struggle financially
  • to struggle with frustration and anger
  • to have tendencies to self-destruct
  • to see other’s lost and desperate
  • to become homeless 
  • to lose yourself with drugs, alcohol, sex, addictions
  • to become mentally ill or unstable
  • to lose your memory or clarity of mind
  • to get or suffer from cancer or any other detrimental disease
  • to become lazy and stagnant
  • to not fulfill your dreams in this lifetime

Do you recognize yourself in any of these?

Can you take a moment to think about your particular deepest fears? 



Do you think fear has conditioned you?


It is crucial to understand that any kind of fear will hold you back in your life, relationship, work, etc. You may have grown up where society/families/religion have conditioned you with their beliefs and value systems. 

Now, I invite you to reflect on your own fears and how they are conditioning you and holding you back. Once you identify them, write them all down. Give yourself time for this.


What would you do in your life if you don’t have these fears?

The next step is to ponder what you would do in your life if you didn’t have these fears?

Write down any words and ideas that come to mind on stickers/post-its. Stick them all in visible places in your home, where you can reflect on them regularly.

These new reflections are going to be your daily ‘mantras’. So from now on, you can choose to become these new thoughts and ideas. 


Are you ready to step away from fear-based people and news?

A further step forward is to avoid pessimistic news, propaganda, fear-based misinformation from all sources. It is vital to comprehend that watching negative information on war, unemployment rate, disasters, and chaos is conditioning you and has an accumulative and detrimental impact. 

Surround yourself with people, community and information that engages in positivity, joy, peace and wellbeing. 

Are you ready to make this choice? 

Does it feel like too much effort?

Do you doubt it is time well spent?


Do you want to learn how to cultivate positive qualities?

I invite you to participate in my weekly Online Training to make this positive step forward for your life. It is about cultivating positive qualities of calmness, care, compassion, happiness and wellbeing. All these qualities already reside deep within your body and psyche. 

Nurturing your inner self is the best investment you can ever make. 


What is fear?

And finally, I would like to finish with the profound message ‘what is fear’ by Neale Donald Welsch in his trilogy of books: The complete conversations with God. 

‘All human actions are motivated at their deepest level by two emotions, fear or love.

  • Fear wraps our bodies in clothing, love allows us to stand naked. 
  • Fear clings to and clutches all that we have, love gives all that we have away. 
  • Fear holds close, love holds dear. 
  • Fear grasps, love lets go. 
  • Fear rankles, love soothes. 
  • Fear attacks, Love amends.

I look forward to helping you on your journey

Alex Kroll Spiritual Life trainer


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