What does LOVE mean to you?

What does LOVE mean to you?

Love is a profound force that runs deeply through our veins and the whole universe.

Do you think people define love differently than you?

And are you open to accepting new points of views what love might mean?

* When you feel real love, there is no place for jealousy or fear. Fear and jealousy close you down. Love is all about opening.
*Real love gives freedom to people and empowers them with strong confidence. People who are in touch with love have powerful self-esteem.
*Love comes with openness and acceptance to new ideas, behaviour and thoughts brought forward by other people, societies, religions or any races.
*Love is inclusion and not building walls/barriers around ourselves or our countries. Love is taking care of others and not judging or blaming them.
*Love is about accepting your partner, boss or any person the way they are.

There are many levels you might feel and experience love.

That is the reason to be open to new ideas and become curious about what love is and really means to you. The more we have been conditioned by families, society, religion, etc., the more we are separated from real love.
You see, love is a profound topic, and I invite you to invest more time and money into your health and wellbeing in order to grow with real love.
My work as a therapist, author, life trainer and film director is to help people to reconnect to deeper levels of love in their body and psyche.
You can reserve a 30 min free video consultation with me.

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