Hello, I am Alex Kroll

Therapist, Sexologist, Third Eye/Heart Meditation Teacher

I would like to introduce you to my personal story, a journey that took me from defeat (acting like a victim) to awakening (becoming a more mature, joyful and authentic person).

I recently turned 53 and I have never felt so alive and healthy in my life as I do now.

I have invested a lot of my time, energy and money in resolving and healing my personal issues. In this process and in this personal transformation I have been given a deep understanding of the complexity of the human psyche (body/mind/spirit), how it is conditioned and how the process of healing, awakening and transformation works.

And now it is time to share all this knowledge with you.

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Trauma and psychosomatic illnesses


When I reached puberty, I found myself with psychosomatic illnesses such as psoriasis, migraine and back pain. At this stage, I wanted to go and live with another family in a nearby village (the family of a school friend of mine) to escape the violence at home.

As a teenager, I suffered times of intense emotional and physical pain when I often thought about suicide. However, deep inside me, there was an “inner voice” of a happier and brighter future to come.

At the age of 22, I went through a painful separation from my first girlfriend and that emotional pain lingered for many years in my psyche and body.

Then, I went through a 5-year period of drug addiction (MDMA) and at the age of 30 I collapsed and fell into an existential crisis. Thanks to this crisis, I discovered and started practising yoga and meditation.

I travelled several times to India to seek Ayurvedic treatments for my skin problems and also to Brazil on various occasions to heal my problems with shamanic medicine.


The Inner Space Techniques and my healing process

When I was 36 years old, I met Samuel Sagan and discovered the deep healing method (Inner Space Techniques). Thanks to this methodology I was able to go much deeper into my whole being and was able to cry again after 22 years.

I discovered that I could open up to all my hidden emotions from my childhood and in doing so I could heal myself from all my psychosomatic illnesses such as my skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis), migraine and chronic pain.

According to the doctors so far no cure has been found for these skin problems, but I did it.

The last 23 years of personal development and growth have been an incredible odyssey and transformation. Fear, shame, guilt, depression and smallness no longer run my life. In their place are wisdom, joy, strength, confidence, vitality and serenity. I feel an overwhelming sense of well-being on all levels and I would love to see the same for you.

All the traumas, difficulties and problems I have experienced and overcome have given me a deep understanding of the human being. The process of healing and awakening of each person requires a holistic approach, i.e. working with the body, nervous system, energy (vital, sexual and spiritual), mind, emotions and relationships.


My career and studies

In my 40’s I moved to Madrid, began studying the full three years training in humanistic psychotherapy with the Institute of Gestalt Psychotherapy and completed a Masters in Sexuality and Couple Therapy with the Sexpol Foundation. I also studied psychology (Online) for three years with the Open University in the UK. This degree is still to be completed.

In addition, from the age of 36 until today, I have done continuous training in Inner Space Techniques in Sydney and California for longer periods of time (in total between 15,000 and 20,000 hours). I have travelled all my life in search of healing and finally found it.

Over the past 13 years, I have helped hundreds of people embark on their inner journey to help them transform their lives.

I have become an expert in healing psychosomatic illness, trauma, depression, sexual and physical abuse, mental anguish, anxiety, stress, fear and many other emotional wounds.

A few years ago, I moved to the south of Spain (Cadiz) and started writing books. The first one is called ADENTRO, memoirs of an inner alchemist which will be published on 22 August 2023.

Flor Alex Kroll

Heal your mind and transform your life

My goal is to help/guide people to find their true purpose.

Now it is time to share all my knowledge with other people who are also on this same quest.

This process of healing and awakening takes time, commitment and energy, but this journey within is the greatest gift a human being can give him or herself.

During this process your heart will open, your mind will be purified, your belly will be filled with vitality and your fragmented self will be transformed into wholeness.

It is a path from sadness to joy and happiness. From sickness and pain to wellness, on all levels. From ignorance to knowledge and wisdom.

It would be a great pleasure to meet you one day in person, perhaps in a workshop or as a client. You choose.