What does death mean for you?

I would like to share with you some profound experiences of death which all happened during therapeutic sessions with my clients, who I will call Federica and Pedro to protect their anonymity.

Federica’s experience of death

Federica was a young lady who took care of an elderly and fragile woman on a daily basis, cleaning and cooking for her, as well as offering her companionship by listening to her. When Federica was lying down in the therapy session with her eyes closed, she felt very relaxed. About one hour into the session, a voice with a presence emerged in her inner mind-space; it was the spiritual presence of the elderly woman she took care of. She told Federica that she was so grateful for all the care and beautiful times that they had shared together, and she went on to tell Federica that she would die soon and that she should not worry, because the Divine light would now take care of her. Federica was astonished by this voice, the presence and the message. I suggested that she feel the spiritual essence of the elderly woman and open to her message, and we were both embraced by so much light and love from that spiritual presence. At that moment, Federica cried, but she also understood the beauty of the profound message and she was reassured. Two weeks later, the elderly lady died, and Federica came to see me again. She told me that the last few days had been unique and that she now comprehends and sees death from a new perspective; only the physical body dies, and the soul/spirit ascends into the heavenly realms.

Pedro’s experience of death

Pedro came to see me on a regular, weekly basis. In one session, after our initial briefing, we began with the lying down phase, in order to allow him to be immersed in his inner mind-space. Many images appeared in this space, and after a while, he perceived a guided ritual being held for a person who had died. After some time, Pedro realized that he was that deceased person. He was lying in the centre of a giant cave with some one hundred people, all dressed in white, sitting around him in many circles, chanting. He was amazed by the great light that surrounded him and took care of him and received the chanting as positive, devoted and passionate energy. These people clearly cared very deeply for him. Pedro then realized that he was surrounded by a community with deep and core values of love, compassion, equality and companionship. He saw and comprehended that these people were the Cathars in France, offering the deceased to the Divine. We both felt the light and space of love in our individual, as well as combined mind-space. Pedro continued to experience a profound understanding of the process of death, the power of having friends accompanying him in that manner and his true nature of divinity. Once we had finished the session and opened our eyes, Pedro’s eyes were shining with a greater light and clarity. He was grateful for the session, insight and direct experience and told me that he now sees death as a huge offering to the light. He also understood that he had been a great spiritual figure in that past life and this light wanted to shine through in this life too.
And You?
Sadly, most of us in the West have received a fear-based education when it comes to death. If you would like to overcome your fear of death and to open yourself to new experiences of death, as Federica and Pedro did, please reach out to me and we can schedule an appointment. Death is an opening, a returning home, a uniting principle with your divine dimension. I invite you to open yourself to a new life by experiencing deeper aspects of yourself.

What does death mean for you?
Watch this documentary in which I interviewed a group of people and their view on death.


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