Your Higher Self

How is the Higher Self?

What/who is the Inner/Higher Self?


The Higher/Inner Self is the ultimate strength and beauty that exists in every human being. It is the inner sun that shines always, that gives life/vitality, that gives joy and enthusiasm, that is energy, that is continuously renewed and that is reflected in eternal youth. It is present in the person who does not age and plays like a child eternally. 

As our solar system has a sun and the planets including the earth circle around it, so it is for the human being: every human being has an inner sun with its maximum splendor, radiating that solar energy through his eyes . Hence the saying, ‘your eyes are a reflection of your soul’

How do your eyes look? Are they radiant? Do they sparkle with joy or enthusiasm? Are they pure and innocent? How do they see the world? The eyes say a lot about how a person is emotionally and mentally. 

The same goes for the voice. 

What is your voice like, what rhythm does it communicate in, is it sweet or soft, does it have strength or is it aggressive, is it cheerful, or does it sound melancholy? Just listening to how a person communicates on the phone tells a lot about their emotional and mental state. 

From now on, I encourage you to pay closer attention to the eyes and the voice of people you communicate with. You will see that a new world opens up to you where you can understand the other person from a more empathetic perspective. It is to see and understand what state of evolution of consciousness they are in. It is a deep acceptance of things, the world and people.


The Higher/Inner Self has a lot of knowledge. I am not referring to intellectual or analytical knowledge, but rather to wisdom transmitted with humility and beauty, without judgment.


Every human being is born with this wisdom and young children have a super high emotional intelligence, more than most adults. The young child can learn several languages at once, depending on whether the father is English, the mother is Spanish, they live in Portugal, the child’s caregiver is German or Chinese and whether each speaks their mother tongue with the child. Thanks to the latest generation of scientific studies of the brain, it has been discovered that a 3 to 5 year old child has the maximum circulation and connectivity of neurons in his brain orbit. He has a fluency to learn and he does it by playing. The child never went to school, yet he has this great capacity to communicate with so many languages. Isn’t it fascinating? The same thing happens with music or mathematics for example. There are children who are geniuses from an early age, playing symphonies and creating mathematical formulas that amaze adults. These children are connected to the source of the Inner/Higher Self thanks to different possible factors: having had parents who cared for a freer education, more artistic or more focused on the child’s passion; or having done a deep work of self-knowledge in a previous life. 


What are the qualities of the Inner/Higher Self?


Now we touch on a fascinating subject. The qualities of the Inner/Higher Self are several and at the same time they come as a pack, together. 

Calmness/peace of mind is a very powerful quality. And the more we grow in this calmness/peace of mind, other qualities such as joy, gratitude, purity, wholeness, strength, wonder will awaken. There will be more qualities like confidence, mental clarity, union… What more qualities could there be? 

These qualities will awaken step by step. It is not a quick process, but it is a path of practice, perseverance and patience over time. We have a lifetime to grow in these qualities, to get closer each day to our source of inspiration, beauty and well-being on all levels. 


What is the process of reconnecting with the qualities of the Higher Self?


The process is to go within. There are many paths that go to Rome and the same with the spiritual dimension. There are different paths that lead to the Higher/Inner Self. The main path is meditation in stillness and silence where the contemplation of your inner space begins. There are many different meditation techniques and everyone can resonate with a different method or a different teacher. 

I can tell you about third eye meditation which I have been practicing for the last 17 years, and which has unfolded a new way of living life. Third eye/heart meditation takes you deep into the depths where the qualities of your Self reside. On this path there will be painful moments because every human being has his or her blockages, limiting beliefs, pains and sufferings within. I must emphasize the importance of choosing the method that suits you best, where you can see that transformation implicit in the teacher of the meditation classes. How are the eyes and voice of this teacher? 

Remember to observe the eyes and voice of the people around you 🙂


What are the benefits of these qualities for my health?


The benefits for your health are multiple since the qualities of your Inner/Higher Self help you to grow in mental, emotional, sexual, energetic and spiritual well-being. As I said before, it is a step by step process, there are no quick fixes especially for  advanced or psychosomatic diseases. However, meditating and awakening the qualities of your Being is the best gift for your health and your life because the change comes from within and not externally. The qualities grow from within like a seed that grows into a tree. So is the third eye/heart meditation. Starting with daily practices, you will see your health improve in a profound way. Above all what you have to let go of are your expectations and demands on yourself, and this is not as easy as it sounds because there are many different levels of expectations and demands on your body and mind. 


Finally, don’t let yourself be defeated by anyone and don’t let yourself be defeated by your discomfort or your illness. Start with the practices today and don’t put anything off until tomorrow. It would be my pleasure to meet you one day in my workshops or meditation retreats in Spain, and hopefully soon on the continent of America.


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A further step for people who feel a connection with this inner space work and would like to go deeper in a personalized way, are the individual sessions I offer online. These sessions are focused on personal issues. As I said before, each person is a universe and ‘what is looking for you’ knows exactly what to show you or what to teach you in this inward process. One session can change your life.


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